After The Games

For a website dedicated to informing the world about the weather, Weather.com is also a surprising source of some downright stunning photographic sources. I first discovered this some months ago after being tagged on Facebook about photos of the “Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit.” Looking through the photos and reading the short article is interesting, but the photos themselves are rather fascinating from an artistic standpoint, but as someone who has watched the slow decay of the city, it’s also very sad to see so much go to pot. However sad, there is a strange beauty to the death you see in the ruins and, if you continue to the bottom, you’ll see more haunting photos of not just ruins, but whole ghost towns all over the world.

Detroit, obviously, isn’t the only city suffering. Since the Olympic games are now underway, I recently discovered another article on Weather.com titled, After the Games: Former Olympic Sites in Decay. It was a bit of an eye-opener, particularly when I read about the original 145 buildings of the Berlin games of 1938. Only 25 are left standing which begs the question, especially in the case of Athens, Greece, how the games might benefit a city in the short-term, but what about the long-term? Just some food for thought.

(image source: field trip)


Lesson of the Day: Always Triple Check Yourself

Every year my family and I go to Wisconsin to visit extended family. I was especially excited to go because of the Coolpix L105 I’d gotten my hands on and mom paid for a bargain of $98 at some consignment shop in Romeo, MI. The camera, brand new, originally cost $300 and the previous owner bought it on sale for $150. In all, the price my mom paid was a great deal and I was happy as a clam, particularly when I found out later just how great macro feature turned out. You can see for yourself right here. Those were taken at home as soon as I got a memory card and I was really excited about how well they looked.

While I was in Wisconsin, my mom and I took a side trip to Minnesota to photograph a couple of lighthouses near Duluth. It was then I started taking macros of silly things like the brick walls and other objects that, to me, had interesting texture or patterns to them. It was supposed to be a fun and simple project I could do at any time I had the camera with me and found something neat or interesting. Now that I’m getting things set up here, it was my intention to make a gallery page of those macros. Unfortunately, I’ve recently discovered those macros are gone. During the transfer and organizing process, I managed to lose them and I’m incredibly angry at myself. In the end, however, I’m not very upset that I have to start over with the project, but I’m very, very pissed at myself that I could be so careless.

So, the moral of the story? Be careful, take your time, and always triple check yourself and your work.

(image source: frustration by roy-ba)